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This project was Certified on June 19, 2018


Water / Wastewater


Whetstone , Arizona, USA

Projected Cost

$706,000.00 USD


Whetstone Water Improvement District



WWID currently serves about 462 active customers. The original system infrastructure was installed more than 30 years ago. WWID replaces aging distribution lines and in the process, has created a network of varying line sizes along the primary streets in the distribution area. Several small-diameter pipelines, built with materials that are no longer approved for drinking water system, still exist and are typically located at dead-end connections. Additionally, the water system network has insufficient waterline looping along the eastern portions of the distribution system. Bottlenecks caused by small lines and a lack of system looping create conditions that allow water to become stagnant, leading to potential bacteria growth or high chlorine residuals, which may result in water quality dangerous for consumption. Other system facilities, including wells, ground storage tanks and boosters, do not have sufficient capacity to support the water system during peak demand. The utility utilizes two groundwater wells located at two different sites within the service area on the east side of SR90. Approximately 80% of the connections are located on the east side of the highway, while the others are located on the west side. There is one 4-inch waterline that currently connects the water system on the east and the west sides. A survey of water system customers on the west side of SR90 documented issues related to water pressure and water deliveries in the service area. Out of 35 residential connections surveyed, 23 households were experiencing low water pressures on a daily basis. The community currently does not have access to sanitary sewer services, and residents rely upon compliant on-site systems such as septic tanks to manage their wastewater. Cochise County Health and Social Services Department has provided a letter confirming the acceptable conditions in the community for individual on-site wastewater disposal systems. The project is expected to increase access to a safe and reliable drinking water service for 459 existing residential service connections by assuring sufficient water supply, service reliability and system redundancy, which will eliminate service interruptions and conditions of low pressure and stagnant water, thus help reducing health risks associated with waterborne diseases.

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