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English | Español

This project was Certified on May 14, 2015


Water / Wastewater


Nogales, Arizona, USA

Benefited Population

1,178 people

Projected Cost

$645,000.00 USD


City of Nogales



The existing water main on Crawford Street consists of a 4-inch cast iron pipe with lead fittings and a 6-inch cement asbestos pipe that were installed in 1918. It is a shallow main that has experienced breaks over the last few decades, as well as service line repairs and replacements. Breaks are now occurring more frequently, causing frequent water losses and interrupting service, which lends to a potential for water quality and public safety issues. The Project consists of the replacement of the Crawford Street water distribution main in its same alignment and includes the following components: 2, 967 linear feet of 8-inch DR 14 (CL 305) PVC water main, 15 linear feet of 8-inch (CL 305) ductile iron water main. Additionally, 49 water connections and flow meters will be replaced.

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