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This project was Certified on March 04, 2008


Clean and Efficient Energy


El Paso, Texas, USA

Projected Cost

$26,650,000.00 USD


Global Alternative Fuels, LLC



Global Alternative Fuels, LLC “GAF” through the installation of a waterless biodiesel processor will produce a clean renewable biodiesel fuel with an initial output of 5 million gallons per year. Phase two will be initiated with another processor and putting total output of biodiesel to 25 million gallons per year. The primary feedstock will be yellow grease (waste cooking oils) and tallow (animal fats). The biodiesel will be used in two separate sectors: supplying retail outlets for vehicle fuel (Flying J. Pilot) and a local refinery (Western Refining) with biodiesel for fuel blending with diesel. Generation of electricity will be 10MW in the initial stage, and could expand up to 50 MW in the next five years. The project includes a full biodiesel lab testing facility that will offer services to other biodiesel processors.

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