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English | Español

This project was Certified on June 21, 2006


Air Quality


Sonoyta, Sonora, MEX

Benefited Population

10,000 people

Projected Cost

$2,180,000.00 USD


H. Ayuntamiento General Plutarco Elías Calles



The paving of streets in Sonoyta is necessary to reduce PM10 particles, which can be responsible for respiratory illnesses in the community. With the intention of solving this problem, the Municipality proposes to pave approximately 115,865 m², or 9.7 linear km. with an average street width of 12 m. The area directly benefited by the project includes highly traveled streets located in the downtown area of the city, which represents forty percent of the total project scope, while the remaining sixty percent is located in the surrounding neighborhoods in different sectors of the community. Currently, only ten percent of the total road surface is paved. The project would increase the total paved surface by twenty-five percent, resulting in a total paved surface of thirtyfive percent of the total roadways. The project includes curb and gutter. In addition, the project will consider, according to the applicable Federal regulations and specifications, all necessary components using standard construction techniques to assure an adequate operation.

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