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Project Status: Concluded


Border 2012 Program


#2: Reduce Air Pollution

Grant Funds

$28,725.00 USD


NMSU, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences



The primary goal of the study is to extend the air quality project in Doña Ana County and west Texas to northwestern Chihuahua. The study objectives are to: - Obtain a quality database of precipitation in northwestern Chihuahua for use in model evaluation, and to help develop conceptual models of wind- blown dust -Obtain episodic PM10, PM2.5, pollen, and meteoroligcal measurements during high particulate matter events -Determine past and present locations of air quality and climate monitoring stations in northwestern Chihuahua summarized in a database -Enhance and evaluate the air quality emission inventory in northwestern Chihuahua with a focus on PM10 and PM2.5