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Institutional Programs

In addition to the strategic initiatives achieved with NADB, BECC’s strategic approach centers on the following four areas:

Four Pillars

Pillar 1 Project Certification

Working with project sponsors at the local, state and federal levels, BECC’s primary purpose is supporting border communities in identifying, and developing environmental infrastructure projects, in order to improve human health, promote sustainable development and contribute to enhancing the quality of life in the border region. With BECC certification, border communities gain access to NADB funding.

Pillar 2 Technical Assistance

The purpose of the Technical Assistance Program is to provide technical assistance through grants or technical expertise that will promote the development of high quality environmental infrastructure projects and initiatives which could be eligible for additional funding through NADB, Border 2020 (B2020) Program or other grants.

Pillar 3 Stakeholder Collaboration

To continue supporting border communities, BECC works on building relationships and partnerships with stakeholders in federal, state and local agencies, international organizations, academia, private and public sectors. These associations have resulted in environmental initiatives, increased project/program coordination, consistent information exchange and strategy development that have created a positive impact for communities.

Pillar 4 Institutional Capacity Building

BECC’s focus on Institutional Capacity Building helps enhance project sustainability as well as address emerging issues. By strengthening institutional capacities through training and shared information, BECC and its partners develop strategic studies with the goal of identifying needs and project opportunities and improving the effectiveness of infrastructure program investments that could be supported by BECC and NADB.

Transversal Program General Support and Performance Improvement

The purpose of this program is to facilitate the work conducted under all pillars described above. It includes the support provided by the Administrative Directorate for activities such as: information resources with  compatible and standardized system; a results-based budget; education and training focused on BECC’s programs or pillars and on administration of BECC budget in general.

Program Performance and Results

The purpose of these reports is to present the achievements of BECC’s institutional programs. Since 2008 BECC has used the Balanced Scorecard model to translate annual goals into clear and measurable actions. The model considers the perspective of its customers, BECC’s institutional capacity through efficient and effective internal processes, an assessment and expansion of the knowledge and competencies of its human resources, and the optimization of financial resources.